Laser Therapy

Thanks to modern laser light technology, laser needles and systems have been developed, offering an absolutely painless alternative to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture and auriculotherapy. This method is particularly used for children and very sensitive adults.

However, laser devices also provide valuable additional diagnostic capabilities in ear point diagnostics.

Special laser surface probes are mainly used in addition to acupuncture for local problems such as joint, soft tissue, and back pain.

Additionally, in my practice, there is the possibility of performing systemic laser therapy parallel to acupuncture treatment. Under the tongue, the veins are very close to the surface. Therefore, by using an applicator placed under the tongue, the blood can be irradiated, providing the whole body with light energy. According to the latest medical findings, this laser blood irradiation has a positive impact on diabetes mellitus, acute and chronic liver and kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, polyneuropathies, multiple sclerosis, performance enhancement in sports medicine, lipid metabolism disorders, depression, and burnout syndrome.